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Complex Analysis and its Applications

International Conference "Complex Analysis and its Applications"

Dear colleagues!

This is the invitation to participate in the International Conference Complex Analysis and its Applications  dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the famous mathematician Igor Petrovich Mityuk, who initiated and organized traditional conference schools on geometrical theory of complex variable functions held in the Kuban region from 1971 to 1991.

The scientific program of the Conference includes the following topics: Spaces of Analytic Functions, Holomorphic Mappings, Multidimensional Complex Analysis, Geometric Function Theory, Quasiconformal Mappings, Potential Theory, Related Questions of Analysis.

The Conference School venue is at the Branch of the Kuban State University in Gelendzhik on June 2-9, 2018.

Working languages of the Conference: Russian, English. 

Program Committee:

Chairman: V.N. Dubinin (Institute for Applied Mathematics of RAS Far Eastern Branch),

Members of the Program Committee: F.G. Avkhadiev (Kazan Federal University), A.I.Aptekarev (RAS Institute of Applied Mathematics), V.A. Babeshko (Kuban State University), V.I. Buslaev (Steklov Mathematical Institute of RAS), E.M. Chirka (Steklov Mathematical Institute of RAS), V.Ya. Gutlyanskii (Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics of NAS, Ukraine), S.L. Krushkal (Bar-Ilan University, Israel), A.S. Losev (Volgograd State University), S.R. Nasyrov (Kazan Federal University), D.V. Prokhorov (Saratov State University), A.G. Sergeev (Steklov Mathematical Institute of RAS), A.Yu. Solynin (Texas Tech University, USA), V.V. Starkov (Petrozavodsk State University), A.K. Tsikh (Siberian Federal University), S.K. Vodop’yanov (Sobolev Institute of Mathematics of RAS Siberian Branch), M. Vuorinen (University of Turku, Finland).

Organizing Committee:

Chairman: M.B. Astapov (rector of Kuban State University)

Co-Chairmans: A.V. Voronin (rector of Petrozavodsk State University), V.A. Babeshko (Kuban State University), V.N. Dubinin (Institute for Applied Mathematics of RAS Far Eastern Branch)

Deputy Chairmans: B.E. Levitskii (Kuban State University), V.V. Starkov (Petrozavodsk State University)

Members of the Organizing Committee (Kuban State University): A.E. Biryuk, M.N. Gavrilyuk, S.P. Grushevskii, A.S. Ignatenko, V.A. Lazarev, V.G. Leznev, M.V. Levashova, N.N. Mavrodi, E.D. Ostroushko, E.A. Shcherbakov. 

Accommodation planned: Hotel “Krasnaya Talka” (Gelendzhik). Arrival – June 2, 2018, departure – June 9, 2005. Conference participants arriving in Krasnodar will be transferred to the hotel by bus.

Organizing Committee Address: 149 Stavropolskaya Str., Krasnodar 350040, Russia, Kuban State University, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, Organizing Committee.

E-mail: coman@kubsu.ru

Conference Website: http://coman2018.confirent.ru .

We invite you to participate in the Conference!

To participate in the work of the conference it is necessary:

  1. Send an e-application (Appendix 1): coman@kubsu.ru or register on the conference website http://coman2018.confirent.ru and after receiving the confirmation fill in the registration data in the user interface. Please do so no later than October 31, 2017.
  2. After receiving the second circular, please submit the text of the abstract prepared in accordance with the rules and the sample on the website http://coman2018.confirent.ru max 1 page (for lecturers - up to 3 pages) of A4 format.
  3. After receiving a personal invitation, please pay the registration fee for the participation, the amount of which is determined depending on the amount of funds raised for the conference. A sample payment order will be posted on the conference website.
  4. The organizers of the conference do their best to find the opportunities for partial compensation of participants' expenses. The Organizing Committee plans to provide financial support to young scientists.

Publication of conference materials. The abstracts by the conference participants will be posted at the RSCI. Based on the results of the conference, a special issue of the Problems of Analysis journal will be made up (http://issuesofanalysis.petrsu.ru/index_en.php ), which publishes articles on all areas of mathematical analysis and its applications. The journal is included in Scopus http://www.elsevierscience.ru/products/scopus. Terms and procedure for submitting articles will be determined additionally. All articles that have successfully passed review are planned to publish in 2018.

If you have any questions regarding the organization of the Conference, please don’t hesitate to contact the Organizing Committee via e-mail coman@conf.kubsu.ru, by regular mail or by contact telephone number +7(861) 2199550 (from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Moscow time).

Conference venue: 
The Branch of the Kuban State University

Accommodation planned: Hotel “Krasnaya Talka” (Gelendzhik). Arrival – June 2, 2018, departure – June 9, 2005. Conference participants arriving in Krasnodar will be transferred to the hotel by bus.

Conference level: 
Conference type: 
General information file: 
Accommodation of participants: 
353460, Krasnodar Region, Gelendgik, Lunacharskogo St., 126.

No materials

Abu Muhanna Yusuf UAE ----
Afanaseva - Grigoreva Anna Russia Lemniscates of the rational functions and problems of the extremal decomposition
Aksentev Leonid Russia ----
Astashkin Sergey Russia BMO, локально максимальная функция и интерполяция
Avkhadiev Farit Russia Интегральные конформно инвариантные неравенства и их приложения
Babeshko Vladimir Russia Факторизационные методы в блочных структурах и их приложения
Bakhtin Alexandr Ukraine Неравенства для внутренних радиусов неналегающих областей
Bezzametnova Victoria Russia Решения уравнения Пуассона на модельных римановых многообразиях
Bhowmik Bappaditya India ----
Biryuk Andrei Russia Burgers equation
Borisova Yana Russia Extremal problems related to the curvature of curves
Borodin Petr Russia Плотность наипростейших дробей и их обобщений в функциональных пространствах
Bunyakin Alexei Russia The class of potential solutions of the system of Navier-Stokes equations
Buslaev Viktor Russia Shur's algorithm for formal power series
Chirka Evgeniy Russia Потенциалы на компактных римановых поверхностях
Danchenko Vladimir Russia Неравенства типа Фейера для коэффициентов неотрицательных тригонометрических многочленов
Denega Iryna Ukraine Точные оценки произведений внутренних радиусов взаимно непересекающихся областей в комплексной плоскости
Dubinin Vladimir Russia Connected lemniscates and distortion theorems for polynomials and rational functions
Dymchenko Yuri Russia The equality of modulus and capacity of polycondenser in sub-Finsler space
Eyrikh Nadezhda Russia О приведенном модуле И.П. Митюка
Fernández Arturo Spain Theory of Klein Surfaces
Gafiyatullina Lilia Russia ----
Gavrilyuk Mikhail Russia On maximmum of diameter of line of level in Jenkins class
Golberg Anatoly Israel Extremal bounds in module estimates
Goryainov Victor Russia Semigroups of reciprocal Cauchy transforms of probability measures
Graf Sergey Russia Аналоги теоремы Нехари для гармонических отображений
Grigorieva Elena Russia Аппроксимация производных на основе Ф-триангуляции (совместно с В.А.Клячиным)
Isangulova Daria Russia Analogs of Korn's inequality on Heisenberg groups
Kalmykov Sergei Russia On Bernstein- and Markov-type inequalities for rational functions
Karmanova Maria Russia On Metric Properties of Mappings of Sub-Lorentzian Structures
Karp Dmitrii Russia Принадлежность отношений гипергеометрических функций конусу Стилтьеса и ее комплексно-аналитические следствия
Kayumov Ilgiz Russia Sharp estimates in the Riesz-Fejer inequalities for complex valued harmonic functions
Kazantsev Andrey Russia Исследование поверхности обобщенного приведенного модуля многосвязной области
Kechko Elena Belarus On some properties of Hermite-Padé polynomials and approximants of Mittag-Leffler functions
Kim Victoria Russia Covering theorem for p-valent functions
Kinder Mikhail Russia Исследование поверхности обобщенного приведенного модуля многосвязной области (совместно с А.В.Казанцевым)
Kirillova Dina Russia Об оценках комбинаций коэффициентов в классе ∑
Klyachin Alexey Russia Estimation of the error in calculating the surface area by piecewise polynomial functions
Klyachin Vladimir Russia Аппроксимация производных на основе Ф-триангуляции (совместно с Е.Г.Григорьевой)
Kolesnikov Ivan Russia Акцессорные параметры в уравнении Шварца
Komarov Mikhail Russia Об аппроксимации посредством разностей наипростейших дробей
Korolev Alexander Russia Существование неподвижной точки для К-сжатий
Krushkal Samuel Israel Plurisubharmonic functions on Teichmuller spaces
Kuznetsov Mikhail Russia On a certain characteristic of closed nondegenerate curves
Levashova Maria Russia Variational principle in the theory of quasiconformal mappings
Levitskiy Boris Russia P-harmonic radius and p-harmonic Green's mappings
Losev Alexander Russia On the asymptotic behavior of solutions of elliptic-type equations on noncompact Riemannian manifolds
Malkovich Evgeny Russia О связностях на субримановых группах Ли
Markovsky Alexey Russia Дискретное равновесие плоского компакта
Mazepa Elena Russia О разрешимости краевых задач для неоднородных эллиптических уравнений в неограниченных областях
Menovschikov Alexander Russia Composition operator on mixed normed Lebesgue spaces
Mironova Svetlana Russia О сингулярных интегральных уравнениях на негладких кривых в пространстве Гельдра-Фреше.
Mitasov Sergey Russia Свойства матричной характеристики в соболевском классе функций
Molchanova Anastasia Russia On a boundary correspondence for mappings induced bounded composition operator
Nasyrov Semen Russia О структуре траекторий квадратичного дифференциала на трехлистной римановой поверхности рода один
Pavlov Nikita Russia Applications of relative capacity for Schwarzian derivative's estimation of holomophic functions.
Pchelintsev Valerii Russia Квазиконформная геометрия эллиптических уравнений
Perumal Muthukumar India Composition operators on function spaces of a graph
Poluboyarova Natalia Russia Some properties of extreme surfaces
Ponnusamy Saminathan India On Bohr's Inequality and Beyond
Prilepkina Elena Russia The method of curves families modules in extremal decomposition problems.
Prokhorov Dmitri Russia Value regions of univalent functions within different classes
Pugach Piter Russia On the existence of an extremal function for the capacitance of a condenser with a finite number of plates on a Riemann surface
Riihentaus Juhani Finland On the extension of subharmonic, harmonic and holomorphic functions
Rodikova Eugenia Russia О некоторых задачах в классе И.И. Привалова в круге
Sergeev Armen Russia Universal Teichmueller space as a non-trivial example of infinite-dimensional complex manifolds
Shah Lubna India Bounds for the Zeros of Polynomial
Shah Wali Muhammad India Inequalities for Rational Functions with Prescribed Poles
Sharma Navneet Lal India On Yamashita's conjecture for some classes of univalent functions
Shchepin Evgeny Russia On duplication formulas for polygamma functions
Shlyk Vladimir Russia BV-functions and weighted modules on a Riemann surface
Sidortsov Maxim Belarus On some properties of Hermite-Padé polynomials and approximants of Mittag-Leffler functions
Silaev Alexander Russia Асимптотическое поведение гармонических функций на модельных римановых многообразиях
Silchenko Eugeny Russia Estimates for solutions of Burgers equations in Holder norms
Solynin Alexander USA The Art of symmetrization: Ideas of I.P. Mityuk and modern developments
Starovoitov Aleksandr Belarus On some properties of Hermite-Padé polynomials and approximants of Mittag-Leffler functions
Trukhlyaeva Irina Russia О сходимости полиномиальных приближенных решений уравнений минимальных поверхностей в областях, удовлетворяющих условию внутреннего конуса
Tsikh Avgust Russia On the structure of a general algebraic function
Vodop'yanov Sergey Russia Квазиконформный анализ и нелинейная теория упругости
Voronin Anatolii Russia Будет представлен позже
Vuorinen Matti Finland Quasiconformal mappings and capacity
Vyhivska Lyudmila Ukraine Точные оценки произведений внутренних радиусов взаимно непересекающихся областей в комплексной плоскости
Yaremenko Ludmila Russia 1. Regular functions connected by one integral operator; 2. On the univalence and almost convexity of certain classes of regular functions
Zakharov Andrey Russia Взаимное изменение коэффициентов однолистных функций
Zolotukhina Vera Russia The class of potential solutions of the system of Navier-Stokes equations
Zorii Natalia Ukraine Constrained minimum Riesz energy problem for condensers with intersecting plates

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